The first article I have written will start on a positive note - it concerns the recently rejuvenated Jahra Pools wetland nature reserve on the western side of Kuwait Bay. This area was designated as a nature reserve over a decade ago, but deteriorated substantially when the water supply (treated wastewater) was cut off many years ago. In May 2009, the water supply was resumed, and within a few months, the reserve is flourishing.

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The second article is related to some work I am currently doing with Bruno Mies (Duisburg, Germany) on the vegetation of Socotra Island (Yemen). The article deals with the conservation of the endemic Dragon's blood tree (Dracaena cinnabari), and is based partly on a trip I undertook to the island in December 2008.

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Added an article on the coastal white sand vegetation of the Gulf coast of the UAE. This unique and neglected habitat type, important not only for its flora, but also for its rich fauna, is disappearing at an alarming rate throughout the region as a whole.

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