This is the largest family in Oman, and ecologically very important in a number of different habitats. Only a small selection of species is shown here, including Brachypodium distachyon, a fast growing species and favourite "pet" of the molecular biologists. Its genome was published in Nature in Febraury 2010.


coel pier

Coelachyrum piercii - Abu Dhabi, UAE


las sind

Lasiurus scindicus, Jebel Hafit, UAE


lasiurus scind

Lasiurus scindicus, Abu Dhabi, UAE


cutandia memph

Cutandia memphitica, Kuwait


phrag austr

Phragmites australis, Kuwait


phrag australis

Phragmites australis, Al-Wathba, UAE


aelur lagopod

Aeluropus lagopoides, Al-Wathba, UAE


rost pum

Rostraria pumila, UAE


tetrapogon villosus

Tetrapogon villosus, Jebel Hafit, UAE


tetrapogon villosus

Tetrapogon villosus, Jebel Hafit, UAE



Stipagrostis cf. plumosa, Abu Dhabi, UAE - awn


penn div

Pennisetum divisum, Abu Dhabi, UAE


halopy muc

Halopyrum mucronatum, Abu Dhabi, UAE


tragus bert

Tragus berteronianus, Buraimi, Oman


pan turg

Panicum turgidum, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Polypogon monspeliensis

Polypogon monspeliensis, Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE


brachypod distachyon

Brachypodium distachyon, Buraimi, Oman